World SMT Puzzle Tournament / I will announce the schedule later. > Notice


    World SMT Puzzle Tournament / I will announce the schedule later.


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    Hosts the World SMT Puzzle Tournament.

    After the SMT update, the puzzle content for the competition will be updated for free (available after connecting to the Internet)

    We will announce the update schedule again.

    1. Competition Information

    [1] Name of the Competition: World SMT Puzzle Tournament

    [2] Schedule: I will announce the schedule later.

    [3] Host: GUNPOWER Co., Ltd.

    [4] Requirement for Participation: Any SMT user who has been registered as a member

    [5] Awards :

       Rank #1(1 person) : 1 M4 Airsoft Electric Gun(USD 300)

       Rank #2(1 person) : 1 Glock 17(USD 100)

       Rank #3(1 person) : 5 134a Gas(USD 40)

    ※ Prize may differ in each country, and if there is no shop merchandising the prize, it may not be awarded.

    ※ Self-interview (including video of the shooting, equipment used, self-introduction, and acceptance speech) is required to receive the prize.

    ※ You have to submit the address that you will receive the prize and self-interview to sales@gunpower.com in order to receive the prize. 

    [6] Further Information :

    (1) Prizes will be purchased in the SHOP located in each country and be shipped.

    (2) Total number of participation during the tournament period: Free - 5 participations, Paid - 50 participations.

    2. Game Rule

    - You can check the number of participations left on the start screen of the game, and you can play the game when you choose SHOOTER READY mode with 1 participation deducted. 

    - 2 types of word matching games will be randomly presented. You have to match the given words without making any mistakes.

    - Even though you hit it wrong only once, you will fail the game and no record will be left.

    - 3 seconds will be given after one round ends, and the next game starts after the given time.

    - If you clear all 2 types of games, the current record will be ranked online regardless of the previous record. (You will be ranked higher as the recorded time is faster.)

    3. Caution (warning)

    - Ranking will be recorded based on the last shooting.

    (Even though your previous record was higher, that record will disappear.)

    - If the internet connection is unstable, you will not be able to play the game or there might be issues in recording your scores. (Internet connection necessary)

    - Please secure the safety distance when you participate in the game.

    - Awards will be given only based on the records that are ranked.

    ※ Consent to the use of personality rights regarding the self-interview

       You must agree to the contents of the self-interview sent to you on social media, YouTube, and homepage.