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    Re: Register Code 102


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    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    You are correct that this error code appears when a product registration does not complete properly.

    We checked the device registered to your ID and it shows that the product is registered on the server and the free content has been downloaded.
    If you check the settings of SMT24 and it says "Product login success" under "Manual update", then you are successfully registered with the server.

    If the product is registered and you still see the error code after performing the manual update, it is suspected that the problem is in the system file (*.bin). It is difficult for a normal user to find and modify this file on their own.
    There may be other causes, but there is no way to determine them at this time.

    SMT24 is using microSD card as a storage medium.
    Please refer to the link below to create a new SD card to replace it. It will run with the OS and software initialized.
    You may get the same 102 error code or 104 error code on the first run after the replacement, but it will disappear after rebooting.

    If you still get the same error code after replacing the SD card and rebooting, please contact us again.

    Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

     > Hello,
    > I have created an account and registered the device. I also clicked “Sync” after and received a popup saying it was “Processed Normally.” However, when attempting to register my SMT24 via the screen, I receive Code 102.
    > I have also de-registered the device and reregistered it. This did not help.
    > I have done sensor checks, settings restore, and factory restore. This did not help.
    > I have attempted 3 times to do a manual update. It goes through the process, downloads all the new(er) games. When turning the device off and back on, the update says it is processing, but it is still the same version it came with.
    > Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
    > Respectfully,
    > Mark